Mens Fitness Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Mens Fitness Magazine, much like Mens Health, is dedicated to the overall lifestyle of the common man. At least it professes to be, even as it stuffs its pages with preternaturally large and chiseled specimens who are designed to make everyone feel, well, common. The psychology at work, however, is that should you follow the magazine's dictates to the letter of the law, you too will emerge with rippling biceps and rock-hard abs.

Unlike Mens Health Magazine, however, Mens Fitness really focuses specifically on fitness, as its title suggests. In so doing, the magazine acknowledges that good total health means more than a lean, muscular body, and so there are plenty of articles to be found on exotic getaways, "bed-busting" sex, and stress-reducing tips, as well. That said, the magazine's core competency is in grueling exercises and training tips for serious workout enthusiasts.

Save by Buying Mens Fitness Magazine Online

When you buy Mens Fitness Magazine online, you can typically get a year's worth of issues for under $10. Compare that with nearly $50 a year when you average out the cost of the newsstand price for 12 months. When you consider that many gym memberships run hundreds of dollars per month (this is mostly at leading clubs), it's comparatively cheap to get the added edge a quality fitness magazine can give you.

If you've already got Mens Fitness coming to your home, why not add a magazine gift subscription for someone you think would want (or need) it? It usually takes between one and three months for the first issue to arrive when you order online, but after that issues come once a month directly to your (or your friends') house. With all the health and diet tips, training regimens, and other goodies, Mens Fitness is exactly that which it strives to turn its readers into the total package.

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