Men's Gadgets Online

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Outlets abound for researching and buying mens gadgets online. Sites such as CNET, Apple, and Bullz-Eye are filled with reviews on the latest toys, games, and computer electronics. There are serious writeups evaluating new microprocessors and video cards as well as not-so-serious reviews of new first-person shooter games and sports titles. Best of all, it's all fair game.

Search around for mens gadgets online, and you're likely to find critiques of the latest MP3 and other portable digital music players. Here, as in other computer-related disciplines, the camps are pretty sharply divided between Mac and PC loyalists. The PC camp swears by its lower prices and larger selection of titles, while the Mac fanatics tout their babies' ease of use, elegance, and plug-and-play capabilities. PC defenders respond that their products are growing more and more like those of Macs every day, only without losing their price advantage.

Debating Mens Gadgets Online

MP3 players and sound cards can only occupy so much of one man's time. There are also mens gadgets online such as plasma TVs, flat-screen monitors, Blackberries, and cool Bluetooth devices that allow for wireless communication. There are laser printers that break new ground on resolution and that now come at an affordable price, not the thousands of dollars they cost only 10 years back.

No matter which new gadgets make it to market, one thing is assured: debate online is sure to remain spirited, even hostile. One of the drawbacks of web-based forums is that those who cling fast to their own beliefs often see their opponents as intransigent idiots who huff and puff relentlessly about the superiority of their own products. By eliminating the humanity from their boards (there are no human faces to look at), webmasters and moderators practically ask for such vociferous debate and, regrettably, all-out warfare.

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