Men's Health

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Mens health issues are no longer the exclusive concern of these mens doctors. Nor are they first and foremost an obsession of their wives, mothers, and daughters. If readership of mens health magazines are any indication, men themselves are taking a much more active role in managing their own well-being, which is perhaps the way it should be.

Why wouldn't men do everything in their power to prevent and treat illness and work toward longevity? One reason has been the fairly persistent mythology of masculinity, which dictates that men stay mum about issues of health. The old notion has it that men are meant to internalize their ailments, not make them public sources of concern. Wisely, a lot of men have waken up to reality and have taken renewed interest in their own care.

Common Mens Health Issues

Heart disease is arguably the most important issue when it comes to mens health. By some estimates, heart disease affects some 60 million Americans, the overwhelming majority of whom are men. Roughly 1.5 million heart attacks occur in the U.S. in a given year and roughly one million people die of some sort of heart-related illness. Additionally, millions more suffer from unstable angina, high blood pressure, and other related afflictions.

It's no wonder then that heart matters drive the readership of many mens health sites and magazines. In addition to this, men are chiefly concerned with the threat of prostate and colon cancer, strokes, and liver and kidney diseases, many of which, with the proper health regimen, are preventable. Most men know the basics--get plenty of cardiovascular exercise, limit intake of fatty foods, and find ways to manage stress--but mens health forums address many of the less common hazards as well.

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