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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Men's Health is the largest men's lifestyle magazine in the world. In addition to covering specific aspects of physical health and appearance, Men's Health also provides lifestyle tips. In essence, Men's Health is like Self, but for fellas.

To Your Health

Fitness is certainly an aspect of Men's Health. But the main focus is on how a healthy lifestyle leads to physical appearance. In addition to articles on exercise, there's plenty of information on general diet and nutritional building blocks. The goal of the magazine is to educate men about how to have more energy and vitality via intelligent diet and exercise. Disease prevention is also given considerable column inches each month. The ultimate goal of Men's Health magazine is to provide authentic, credible, and practical information that its readers can use to improve their lives.

In addition to health and fitness, every issue also includes plenty of pointers on multiple aspects of contemporary life. Every month features columns offering relationship advice, as well as sound financial tips and travel ideas. There are articles devoted to fashion and personal style, too. In short, Men's Health attempts to satisfy the whole person.

Unlike many "health and fitness magazines," which are published by companies that market every kind of magazine under the sun, Men's Health is published by Rodale, a publishing company which focuses almost exclusively on health and fitness periodicals. In addition to Men's Health, Rodale publishes Backpacking, Bicycling, Mountain Biking, Organic Gardening, Organic Style, Prevention, Rodale's Scuba Diving and Runner's World. It also publishes many popular health-related books, including the recent bestsellers "The South Beach Diet," "Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss," and "The Wrinkle Cure."

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