Men's Horoscopes

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Despite the fact the astrology is a primarily female endeavor, some mens horoscopes continue to attract online traffic. Who are these men who look to the stars in search of fortune, pray tell? And what have they done with the men who feel that hard work and a lick of good timing are the true cornerstones of success?

Whether you believe that soothsayers and oracles have anything of value to impart or think they're utterly full of it, you have to acknowledge the pure entertainment value of horoscopes. Does your "rising" suggest that you'll be eviscerated by a semi-trailer tomorrow? Does the fact that you're a "water" sign bode poorly for you on your next beach vacation? Before you crawl back to the safety of land from out among those breakers, bear in mind that many horoscope writers intend their synopses to be amusing, not prescient.

What Do Mens Horoscopes Portend?

Some mens horoscopes predict things like torrid love affairs on the horizon. Others suggest that your boss has been remiss in failing to promote you these past 10 years. Oddly, you may learn of both these lessons on the same day, and from two different newspapers or websites. Are these clairvoyant forecasters reading from the same sky? Is there any basis whatsoever for their predictions? One can only wonder.

More than anything, mens horoscopes portend bigger profit margins for their host papers and websites. So long as users continue to click on their daily or weekly readings, it's a safe bet that horoscopes will keep apace of Easter Bunny and Santa Clause rumors in popular mythology. Even when their claims are convincingly refuted by that old trifle reality, it rarely stops tea-leaf readers and crystal-ball wielders from practicing their crafts.

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