Mens Shoes

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you thought conquering differential calculus was tough, welcome to the world of mens shoes. What differentiates the well-shod from the slip-shod these days is enough to land you an interview, a job, or a date, so take care, and don't simply fob off your defeats on a poor haircut. What's covering your toes is easily as important as what's covering your pate. Just ask any woman of discerning taste.

The current fashion in mens shoes is away from longer, rounder tips and more toward stockier and square ones. That's not to say that wingtips don't still have their place; like any fashion decision, it can be justified in the right situations. It may be a subtle choice, but wingtips can help offset sharper angles in the pants, the shirt, or even your face. Similarly, square-toed shoes can help combat problems for men with "rounder" builds. The same principle applies to "pointed" and "spread" shirt collars as well. In short, your fashion sense should be geared toward the ensemble. But back to the shoes . . .

Considerations in Mens Shoes

There's been a ton of hemming and hawing over the years about shoe colors. Should shoes always match the belt, or are there instances in which they should complement the shirt? Actually, most experts agree that while shoes and belt ought to be simpatico, your kicks should blend with your socks as well. Some men swear by the "dressing down" phenomenon, in which the colors descend from the pants to the socks to the shoes, essentially forming a single block. You can be slightly more daring, of course.

Heels are also a major factor in any debate on mens shoes. Traditionally, a separate heel has been the default setting for men of distinction, and wood has been its chosen medium. More recently, however, "wedge" soles have fought back strong and made a case for their wide adoption in workplaces and social settings alike. Nevertheless, rubber is still widely unacceptable in dress shoes, even if it's all the sole your bar nights and coffee outings call for.

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