Money Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're more about lifting your earnings than lifting heavy weights, Money Magazine is one of the top financial guides around. Its pages are full of smart advice from mutual fund managers, stock brokers, day traders, and entrepreneurs, many of whom have roundly beaten the market even when everyone seemed to be bleeding money. The magazine offers sound strategies for saving and investing as well as inside tips on hidden gems in the fund world.

Money Magazine is not only great for anyone concerned about their portfolios, but for business students as well. In the investment game, everybody feels like a student at some point; learning about options trading, equity, debt, commodities, and other concepts can be taxing, so to speak. If you've been reading Money for years and are already well ahead of the curve, why not give a magazine gift subscription to any MBA students or young entrepreneurs in your life?

Money Magazine Is Written by Experts for Non-Experts

Sure, there are plenty of faithful Money Magazine subscribers who are financial gurus and old hands at the market. But even though the magazine may be full of unfamiliar terms, it's still meant for a general audience. After a few months of issues, the lingo will begin to feel second-nature to you, provided you're interested enough in your own financial future to do the research necessary to stay current.

Like Entrepreneur Magazine, Money is designed to give you no-nonsense advice on meeting your financial goals. Its writers realize that everybody's at a different phase in their life when it comes to earning potential, savings, and debt, and they therefore strive for features that address that disparity. Those starting out in life and those ready to retire will both find useful tips on managing their assets as well as their debts.

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