Motor Trend Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you listen to any radio or watch any TV at all, chances are you've heard Motor Trend Magazine's name mentioned on more than one occasion. Every field or discipline from cooking and interior design to sports and sex has an acknowledged industry leader whose name is cited whenever credibility is at stake. In the automotive industry, more often than not, that name is Motor Trend Magazine.

Motor Trend isn't meant for the automotive novice. While beginners could certainly benefit from a crash course, so to speak, in mechanical, design, and performance matters, it's car experts, trade show mavens, dealers, and just die-hard enthusiasts at whom the magazine is principally targeted. Motor Trend Magazine is selling more than the automotive lifestyle; it's selling the good life. You're far more likely to see the latest BMW and Porsche models go head to head than you are to read about the latest Saturn road test.

Pick Up Motor Trend Magazine Online

Let's face it--car types tend to be technologically savvy. That said, it's far more likely that Motor Trend subscribers are online and surfing happily than are the readers of Octogenarian Monthly. Search around the Web, and it's usually easy to find discount magazine subscriptions that can save you substantially off the posted cover price. Add to that the convenience of having Motor Trend dropped in your home or office mailbox each month, and it's well worth the couple of minutes it takes to subscribe.

Each month you'll receive new performance numbers on popular models, advice on buying or leasing new cars, columns exploring new style specs and other aesthetic considerations, and a whole host of other issues. Like Car and Driver Magazine, Motor Trend is dedicated to everything that happens under the hood. Its regular contributors and columnists routinely come to Motor Trend after (or during) a career in racing, sales, marketing, or engineering, so you always get the most informed opinions.

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