National Geographic Kids Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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National Geographic for Kids is a highly successful spin-off of the legendary photojournalism monthly. National Geographic for Kids is targeted at children between the ages of six and 12. Its mission is to educate children about the wide and wonderful world in which they live.

Smart Kids

Within every month's issue, it presents multiple articles about animals, entertainment, current events, science, technology and world events. National Geographic strives to make learning fun and interesting for kids. The language is straightforward and easy to understand, while never being "dumbed down."

And of course, it features some of the finest photography in the world. The magazine is very picture-driven, helping to awaken the imaginations of its readers. Attention is grabbed by brilliant multi-color photographs, and then supported by clever text that is written in a style that leads kids to ask questions.

In addition to the National Geographic for Kids magazine, there is also a magazine entitled National Geographic Explorer written specifically as a classroom aid, which delivers extra emphasis on science and history. They also have a dedicated website, which in addition to games, videos, photograph galleries, and fun quizzes and polls, contains great research tools for grade school report writing.

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