National Geographic Subscriptions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Founded in the United States in 1888, The National Geographic Society was formed to increase geographic knowledge among the masses. The first issue of the famed magazine was published in 1889. Today, it's read the world over, with a monthly circulation of over 9.5 million issues.

Giving Readers the World, One Issue at a Time

Ironically, for over 100 years this esteemed issue dedicated to the natural and anthropological wonders of the entire globe was written only in English. In 1995, however, National Geographic published its first foreign language publication in Japan. Today, National Geographic is published in over 20 languages and is read in over 60 countries.

National Geographic is considered to present the best examples of photojournalism in the world. Every month, National Geographic takes armchair travelers to the furthest regions of the globe. It presents unbiased accounts of the scenery, history, and customs of the furthest reaches of our planet, be they on land or under the sea.

In supporting nature and anthropological studies, many famous researchers and their explorations owe a good part of their support, both public and financial, to National Geographic. These include Jacques Cousteau for his oceanographic research, Robert Peary's North Pole exploration, the tragically ill-fated Dian Fossey who devoted her life to the study of Gorillas, and Jane Goodall, the famed Chimpanzee researcher. Further, the Society also sponsors social projects such as AINA, which is dedicated to creating an independent Afghan media.

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