Oprah Magazine Subscriptions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The story goes that Oprah had to be talked into creating a magazine. She resisted originally, saying that she already had a great TV show which spoke to women all over the world. Wouldn't a magazine be redundant? Her friends argued back that the written word is lasting, and that inspired readers could pass the information on to one another. Oprah was convinced, and a legend was born.

"Legend" because most magazines take five years to really build up any kind of readership or have any measurable influence within the genre. Not so with O, the magazine. From its debut, it practically leaped off shelves and into the eager hands of Oprah's devotees. It broke records right and left, proving that when you've actually got something to say, people stop and listen. Today, O features a circulation of over 2.7 million, 66 percent of which are paid subscribers.

O, The Magazine: A Mag with a Mission

O, The Oprah Magazine, is quite different from the rest of the pack. Though its helmed by a celebrity, there's precious little "dirt" contained in the pages within. Instead of concentrating on "thinner thighs in thirty days," O's content helps readers learn to love their bodies the way they are. Being sexy is a considered a byproduct of health, not the ultimate goal itself. Instead of what often reads like lists of "self hate" found in most fashion magazines, Oprah editorials are filled with ways to "self love."

In fact, self-loving is what nearly every article, feature and interview boils down to. O, the Oprah Magazine, concentrates on human potential via spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development. It encourages all people, but women in particular, to take responsibility for their own lives and their own happiness, and offers its readers the tools to achieve this success.

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