Penthouse Magazine Subscription

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Mention that you have a Penthouse Magazine subscription and you're likely to win your share of raised eyebrows. While a magazine like Playboy is tolerated in, shall we say, polite company, Penthouse frequently, if unjustly, wins less acceptance. With Playboy you often hear words such as "wholesome" and "tasteful." With Penthouse, "hard-core" and "explicit" are more common.

Still, Penthouse Magazine manages to make it to thousands of newsstands and millions of readers, so it must be doing something right. In addition to its "frank" photography, Penthouse features candid conversations about sex and sensuality, as well as dating and romance. These final two qualities typically get overlooked in the rush to impugn Penthouse's reputation.

Get Your Penthouse Magazine Subscription Online

Here's a chance to do some real saving. You can find substantial discounts on just about any periodical if you're willing to do the work to find discount magazine subscriptions, but the savings are markedly higher with Penthouse. To buy each issue on the newsstand over the course of a year would cost about $100. When you go through a discount magazine subscription service, however, this $100 drops to below $25--a 75% markdown.

For that $25 you get more than just pictures of some of the most beautiful women in the world. There are also great travel pieces on international destinations, articles on wine and food, art, sports, and many other facets of "the good life." It's sometimes unfortunate that Penthouse's reputation precedes it, even though there are many more magazines on the stand that give their readers a whole lot less, and for a lot more money.

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