Playgirl Magazine Subscription

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Those familiar with the contents of Playboy probably have a fair idea of what comes with a Playgirl Magazine subscription as well. The same jokes, columns, monthly features, and photos are all in there, but with one notable difference--they're meant for women, not men. Like Playboy, Playgirl Magazine deals frankly and candidly with sex, dating, single life, married life, and the complex web of issues surrounding each of them.

But Playgirl isn't just about sex. It may be a popular cliche by now, but many readers subscribe for the outstanding articles and features. In fact, Playboy and Playgirl alike have reputations for landing interviews with celebrities who are notoriously hard to corner. Reclusive or press-wary celebrities dating back from John Lennon all the way through Woody Allen have granted these magazines interviews at times in their lives when they were doing little if any other press.

Getting Your Playgirl Magazine Subscription

To buy each month's Playgirl on the newsstands runs about $50 a year. Ordering your Playgirl subscription online, however, cuts that sum down to about $15 if you shop around. If you're gun shy about ordering an entire year's worth of Playgirl, why not pick up a single issue on the stand, see if you like it, and if so buy your Playgirl Magazine subscription through an online dealer? You'll end up saving yourself 70%, plus the hassle of schlepping out to the newsstand each month.

Playgirl's emphasis on women's entertainment incorporates more than its explicit photography. Health matters such as dieting and exercise routines get comprehensive coverage, as do style and fashion issues, technology questions, and vacation information. Like Playboy, Playgirl Magazine is designed for total living, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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