Promo Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Promo magazine is a professional publication focusing on the business of marketing and promotion. Promo is written for the marketing professional and appeals to those working in the fields of consumer products and services, retail industries, internet businesses and the marketing industry. It strives to identify major trends and deliver industry news. Most of all, however, Promo prides itself on providing the tools which allow marketing professionals to build strong and profitable brands.

Promo: Identifying Trends, Analyzing Success

Promo is published weekly, 52 times a year. Though it has a relatively low circulation (just under 25 thousand per week), it is highly regarded within the marketing industry. For many, it is considered "the" marketing resource, read by marketing leaders the world over, including those of Fortune 500 companies, powerful consumer products companies, and top promotion agencies.

Promo provides ideas for marketing professionals to create dramatic and successful promotion strategies. It features profiles of and interviews with industry leaders, and examines campaigns that were both successful, and those less-so. It provides "how-to" tactics for winning solutions, and analyzes trends so readers can anticipate changes and adapt to them.

In addition to its weekly publication, Promo Magazine also organizes an annual exposition and conference. The PromoExpo includes multiple events, including speakers and conferences, live focus groups, and the opportunity for attendees to take part in highly specialized workshops with famed industry leaders. The PromoExpo is considered a great learning and networking opportunity for marketing and promotion professionals.

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