Readers Digest Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Readers Digest Magazine is like the variety act of the magazine world. One minute you're reading the current issue's jokes of the month, the next you're onto a heart-rending essay about a woman's fight against breast cancer. Unlike glitzier magazines, there are profiles on the not-so-famous, stories of the mundane, and everyday anecdotes and observations. All of these have made Readers Digest one of the country's--and the world's--most recognized names on the newsstand.

For years, one of Readers Digest's most popular features has been its vocabulary quiz. Each week boasts 20 or 25 new entries, many of which you know you should know or even suspect you do know. Of course, when you try to define them without simply using them in a sentence, your mind reels as it searches for a precise definition. Features such as these contribute to the magazine's literary end, challenging readers to expand their minds and learn new reading and writing tools.

Popular Features of Readers Digest Magazine

Like most periodicals, Readers Digest Magazine breaks down its issues into regular features or departments. The "inspiration" section offers tips on finding peace in an often maddening universe, while the "money" section gives practical advice on where and how to spend to get the most mileage out of your dollars. Add to that a "health" section, a "home" category, and a "family" department, and you've got a full-service guide to navigating life's bumpier roads.

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