Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As the stock market has played havoc with investor finances, more and more people have begun putting their money in real estate as an alternative. Property boasts several major advantages over other types of investments including higher returns, leverage, and certain types of tax protection. Real estate also offers a practical advantage to boot: you can live in it! Just try parking your car and stepping inside some cattle futures.

Real estate may be a home run for those in the know, but it's a far cry from a "gimme." Faltering markets, natural disasters, fluctuating interest rates, and flat-out bad decisions can all turn a deal sour in a heartbeat. You can lose your shirt in the stock market, but you can literally lose the roof over your head when it comes to realty.

For Men Investing in Real Estate

Many men's websites and magazines dedicate a lot space to the topic of finance and investing. Some publications such as Money and Forbes offer useful insight into the workings of real estate markets and tie them into more general investing principles. Other media outlets cull their writers and "experts" from a wider range of sources, some of which may be dubious. There's a big difference between taking a real estate investing tip from the Wall Street Journal and making a hefty down payment after reading rumors on a realty message board.

Men investing in real estate must do two things. One, they must educate themselves on the markets in which they're investing, pass any state licensing requirements, and find a brokerage at which to hang their certifications. Second, they must trust their instincts and stick with types of investments that are appropriate to the investor, including those within his price range and knowledge base. There may in fact be plans for a five-star hotel shaping up across town, but if commercial real estate is as foreign to you as Aramaic is, you'd be wise to walk away.

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