Seventeen Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Just as Maxim Magazine is the perfect choice for young men entering into adulthood, Seventeen Magazine is tailored to girls on the cusp of womanhood. Seventeen combines more serious discussions of body issues, education, and career goals with, shall we say, less-serious studies in mascara, blush, and lip-liner. Not that makeup should ever be dismissed as a frivolous affair--it can make all the difference in helping to get the right job, at least initially--but the topics do range in their tone and substance.

Seventeen Magazine is also a source of information for young women who have common questions about fashion, food, sex, friendships, and relationships. The beauty section covers everything from acne remedies to hair-coloring tips, while the health pages range from info on stress-busting to STDs. Other popular departments include the "little black book," a trusty guide to the latest movies, DVDs, and books to hit the marketplace.

Seventeen Magazine Makes a Great Gift

While some fashion and beauty magazines are intended to make women feel shame or anger about their bodies, Seventeen strives to give women a positive self-image. Articles on fitness and diet aren't meant to blame, but instead to suggest new routines and tips to help women improve the way they look and feel. Of course, what would a young women's magazine be without at least some gossip? There's plenty of rumor and innuendo woven into Seventeen's pages for good measure.

All of these features make Seventeen a great gift. Sign up for gift subscription online, and have a year's worth of issues sent directly to your friend or family member's mailbox. In doing so, you can typically save more than 60% of the cover price, making a Seventeen subscription a terrific value.

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