Shaving Guide For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A shaving guide for men strikes many guys as a "How To Walk" or "How To Breathe" guide. The abnormally hirsute have been shaving since the age of 12 or 13, while even late bloomers have been at it since 18 or 19. Sure, there are a few lucky guys who've never had to set a 12-dollar package of blades on a drugstore checkout counter, and if you're part of that group you might as well tune out now.

How hard can shaving really be? You know where the fuzz is. You're holding the instrument to strip it off. And you've got your trusty can of Barbasol--lime green with red stripes--at your side. If the process is so simple, though, how come so many guys go to work in the morning with bits of tissue or toilet paper stuck to their necks and chins? And what's with all the painful ingrown hairs?

Your Shaving Guide for Men

A shaving guide for men that's worth its foam will recommend a few essentials for the hacks who take to their faces the way Edward Scissorhands took to his topiary gardens. First things first, toss that 69-cent plastic disposable razor you've had since the Clinton era and lay out the eight or 10 bucks it takes to buy a quality instrument. Look hard enough, and you'll likely find free quality razors at your local supermarket, drugstore, or grooming supplies shop. Ever heard the old marketing adage "Give away the razor, and you can keep charging 'em for the blades?" There's a reason that's famous.

A reputable shaving guide for men will urge you to invest as well in a few choice supplies such as exfoliant, scruffing lotion, and aftershave. The first is designed to peel away dead skin from your face and let your natural radiance shine through. A good scruffing lotion can be worked into a lather to soften beards prior to shaving. Finally, an aftershave lotion helps soothe scratched skin and repair nicks and cuts, which are the result of using a 69-cent razor.

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