Sports Articles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Most men read sports articles for the kind of in-depth reporting that they don't receive from their local newscasts and daily papers. These avenues are fine for casual fans who want nothing more than box scores and standings, but are insufficient for die-hards. Sports articles give readers the chance to go inside the dugout, onto the field, and into the personal lives of their favorite players.

Magazines such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN have a distinguished record of doing just this. Many newcomers to the field, however, have taken a page from these leaders' playbooks and spent the money to hire good correspondents who have a knack for digging up stories. Great talent and reportage (as well as stunning photos) are what drive readership of sports magazines. All the glitz and gloss in the world is for naught if the content isn't there to back it up.

Fantastic Sports Articles

Some of the most compelling sports articles are those that follow "a day in the life" of a player or sports team from home to bus to locker room to field. Fans can tell just by tuning into a radio or TV broadcast how the drama of a given game is unfolding. The score and the players' performances say it all. What gets lost on the playing field or court, however, is the backstory or personal drama that gives context to the games. A player might have tragically lost a loved one recently or made some clubhouse comments that have refueled ancient rivalries. This is what makes for dynamite reading.

On the other hand, sports articles that delve into deeper analysis of the game also tend to stand apart from stories in local newspapers. One of the reasons ESPN has been such a successful franchise over the past 25 years is because the company has catered to experts, not just passing fans. The results can only be considered an unqualified success, as this philosophy has helped them launch sister networks, a magazine, and even the company's own version of the Olympic Games.

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