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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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As a magazine title, Teen People is pretty self-explanatory. Teen People is filled with stories of celebrities that are particularly popular with young Americans, as well as human interest stories about exceptional, so-called "ordinary" teens. In addition to its obligatory celebrity fare, Teen People is full of articles that help encourage dialogue on sex and abstinence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other serious pressures facing teenagers in contemporary society.

Of course, there are plenty of pages devoted to teen stars. There's an abundance of fun fashion tips and tricks, and loads of attention paid to what stars are wearing, how they're doing their hair, and who they're dating. But just like its grown-up sister, People, the magazine isn't dedicated exclusively to the habits of the rich and famous.

Teenagers Are People, Too

In addition to the celebrity focus, there are articles on teens who have made a difference. The underlying theme of most of these articles is how others have maintained character in the face of adversity. Struggles with the loss of a parent, the death of a friend, eating disorders, and teenage pregnancy are typical monthly features. Some are cautionary tales, others tell of victory over adversity. All are written in People's trademark frank, engaging, and to-the-point style.

Also present in every month's issue are reviews of popular books, movies, music and television programs. It also has a teen version of "Star Tracks" catching stars in candid moments. Although it contains enormous amounts of fashion tips and tricks, and therefore appears to be written to appeal primarily to females, it nonetheless manages to appeal to teenagers of both sexes, thanks to its frequent interviews with athletes, coaches, and other sports figures.

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