Time Magazine Subscription

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Time Magazine subscriptions are one of the most popular postal deliveries in the country--aside from credit card solicitations and Publisher's Clearinghouse mailers, of course. Many folks who can't be bothered to turn on the news or listen to the radio simply contend that they read Time, Newsweek or Money Magazine and leave it at that. The implication, of course, is that their expert opinions need only be informed by a couple of reputable magazines, and that's that--which says an awful lot about the stature of Time, Newsweek, and Money.

Like all magazines, Time has its share of biases, but these are unavoidable. So long as magazines are written by human beings--which figures to be for some time to come--emotions and prejudices will always peek through the patina of objectivity. But by and large, Time is acknowledged as one of the great news journalism institutions. It routinely gets the best writers and foreign correspondents of any popular publication.

The Benefits of a Time Magazine Subscription

There will always be more intensive coverage in certain magazines such as The Economist or Financial Times, and there will always be what amounts to mostly gossip--take for instance People Magazine. But it's hard to find a news magazine that fits snugly in the middle, offering non-experts solid reporting that's substantiated and fact-checked, but not such in-depth coverage that it proves too challenging for anyone not in the president's cabinet. Time fits the description to a tee.

Sign up for a Time Magazine subscription over the Internet, and you can save significantly off the cover price. Most magazine subscriptions can take 60-70% off what you'd pay at the newsstand. And this adds up even more with a publication such as Time, which is put out weekly and therefore affords its subscribers even more substantial savings.

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