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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The most prestigious news magazine in the world, Time magazine has been on coffee tables and in doctor's office waiting rooms since 1923. Practically the very first news magazine in existence, Time predated its competition by nearly a decade. Second to none throughout its history, Time is now said to be read by one of every two Americans every month.

Changing Times at Time

Though in its early days it was considered to be quite conservative in tone, her editorial line has since shifted. Nonetheless, she is still less liberal than her greatest competition, Newsweek magazine, though perhaps more so than the other "big three" news monthly, US News and World Reports. Once free of all corporate ties, Time Magazine, though still owned by Time, Inc, is also under the umbrella of Time Warner, which also owns Warner Brothers entertainment, AOL, Newline Cinema, HBO, and Turner Media.

A signature feature of Time Magazine is its annual "Man of the Year," though political and gender correctness have caused a title shift to "Person of the Year." To be "Person of the Year" is not necessarily an honor. Time considers the title to be granted to the one individual who, for better or worse, has had the most recent impact on the nation or the world. Examples of "for better" include Gandhi in 1930. Examples of "for worse" would include Adolph Hitler in 1938; Joseph Stalin in both '39 and '42; and the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Even whole groups or non-humans can receive the title, as did "Young People" in 1966, and "the computer" in 1982.

In addition to coverage of domestic and international news, Time also dedicates extensive space to politics, the arts, science and technology, and global business trends. Its long-popular "People Page" toward the back of every month's edition was the very inspiration for People Magazine. Time is distributed all over the world, and has dedicated European, Asian, and Canadian editions.

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