Tips For Men To Look Better

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Men's magazines and websites are filled with fashion and grooming tips for men to look better. For those bringing in six figures a year, it can be a blast to clear out the shelves of your local cosmetics store or high-end clothing retailer. A thousand-dollar monthly budget for skin creams and hair ointments is guaranteed to help even the homeliest of dudes. For those in lower tax brackets, however, some more practical tips and suggestions are in order.

Certain tips for men to look better seem like common sense but continue to go unheeded by vast swaths of the male population. Unless you're setting out on your band's next global tour and can pull off all the disheveled madness you please, tucking in your shirt, wearing a belt, matching your socks to your shoes and your shoes to your belt, and keeping your nails clean and trimmed will, quite literally, pay off handsomely. Mick Jagger and Bono can pull off the the unwieldy rock-star haircut; you, on the other hand, probably can't, so pony up the 20 bucks it costs for a quality haircut and be thankful you don't have to pay three times that price the way most women do.

Other Practical Tips for Men To Look Better

One of the simplest tips for men to look better is to take up the long-practiced art of imitation. Start looking through magazines like Vanity Fair and GQ to find looks that you find personally compelling. Sure, you're looking at models, who tend to look like a million bucks even when wearing parkas. Even if you don't have their high cheekbones and sculpted jaws, you can still wear their mean threads, and at reduced prices too. If you can't afford the Fred Segal kerchief Daunte Culpepper, check to see if there's a Banana Republic or J. Crew version instead.

Finally, make sure that the look you settle on is germane to your environment. What a performance artist can get away with on the job is markedly different from what an accountant can pull off in his or her cubicle. Cool, funky workplaces call for more daring fashion strides, so break out the paisley and polka dots. If you're reporting for your first day at Morgan Stanley or Bear Stearns, try some restraint and show your individuality through some other avenue instead such as pocket squares or studded belts.

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