In Touch Weekly Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In Touch Weekly dedicates itself to "all celebrity, all the time." However, unlike many of the other popular celebrity weeklies and tabloids, In Touch seems to practice a "we just love, love, love our famous folks!" editorial policy. And this approach seems to be working quite well. Positioning itself distinctly from its big-boy competition, the newby mag is holding its own quite well against the veteran People, and the solid number two magazine, US Weekly.

Media experts say that In Touch Weekly is different from the two major players in multiple ways. Unlike People, there are no "just folks" articles at all. Every page is dedicated solely to the rich, famous, and drop-dead gorgeous. However, unlike US, which also practices a no-ordinary-people policy, it avoids the stories which make celebrities look bad. Instead it focuses on celebrity's good taste, good works, and of course, good looks. In other words, it's a publicist's dream.

Further separating it from the Big Two is its layout, design, and overall writing style. Where People and Us Weekly have articles with pictures, In Touch features pictures, pictures, pictures, and maybe a paragraph or two. In Touch is a much more visual piece than either People or US. In Touch strives to get the story across in pictures rather than words, so that readers on-the-go can glance at a page and walk away with an understanding of what's going on, without having to take the time to actually read an article in its entirety.

The approach appears to be working quite well. First published in October 2002, In Touch already has a circulation of over one million copies a week. With its easy to read, easy to grasp approach, In Touch should be easy to find for years to come.

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