Us Weekly Subscriptions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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US Weekly is a popular American weekly magazine devoted to celebrity style. It is specifically targeted to women, and features extensive articles on celebrity fashion, beauty tips, and movie star weddings. It's considered a "fun" source for celebrity gossip, with little editorial or journalistic pretensions.

US Weekly features interviews with famous names that are making news in television, film and popular music. A typical table of contents features diet tips from the starlet of the week, the current celebrity marriage disaster, fashion faux pas of pop music divas, and confessional interviews with dysfunctional teen stars. US Weekly may not win any Pulitzers, but boy, reading it is definitely fun.

When US Weekly first debuted on the stands, skeptics felt that there was no way the upstart could take on the incredibly powerful hold on the market held by People magazine. But US Weekly never tried to completely rip off People. Where People combined both celebrity news and human interest stories, US focused specifically on the former. It, in essence, up-scaled the image of the "trailer park tabloid" (ie, National Enquirer and The Star) and devoted itself not only to celebrity dish, but also celebrity dirt--all packaged within a slick and shiny package.

Today, US Weekly holds its own in the weekly celebrity magazine department. Many celebrities are aware of US Weekly's readership, and--just like in the late-night TV wars--they make calculated decisions as to which entertainment magazine they "exclusively" give their interviews. Recently, Cameron Diaz broke her story to US Weekly about the Justin Timberlake "fidelity issue;" Paris Hilton, too, turned to US to tell her side of the sex video story. Brittany Spears is another US Weekly loyal, as she's appeared on the cover no less than six times. With what are essentially celebrity endorsements, it's no wonder that US Weekly magazine subscription rates recently rose 17 percent, while many of the other stalwarts have seen considerable drops.

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