Wine Spectator Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Wine Spectator could be referred to as the Money magazine for wine enthusiasts. Wine Spectator is considered by experts to be a good place for one to start their appreciation of wine. It's filled with informative articles, handy tips, and plenty of buying guides that can be useful for the uninitiated.

Wine Spectator: Labor of Love

Wine Spectator was the brain child of Robert Morissey, who himself was somewhat of a newbie to wine when his doctor recommended he begin drinking it for his health. What started out as a casual self-education became a passion. He started writing wine articles in the '70s, and then created a tabloid-style 12 page newspaper, titled Wine Spectator, in 1976. Since then, Wine Spectator has become increasingly upscale in its appearance and increasingly influential in the wine market.

Many wine critics accuse Wine Spectator of trying to represent themselves as a Consumer Reports for wine, as the publication claims to provide unbiased wine reviews. Critics argue this comparison is inappropriate, for one major reason. Consumer Reports does not accept any advertising; its income is based upon magazine sales. This allows Consumer Reports (and other magazines like it) to remain completely impartial and free of commercial obligations. Wine Spectator, on the other hand, charges considerably for its ad space. Suspicions run high within the industry that the Spectator may at times bow to pressure from major advertisers to positively review their products.

That issue aside, the tips for buying wine, tasting wine, and learning to understand wine are considered very well suited to those just learning to love wine. And fledgling wine enthusiasts certainly do need someone to hold their hand as they first toddle down the path of oenophilia. Understanding the terminology of wine alone, knowing which grape varieties comprise which wines, and the ability to read wine labels are but three areas in which a subscription to Wine Spectator can offer great assistance.

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