Your Big Backyard Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Your Big Backyard is a magazine written for little kids that love the outdoors and animals. Written for pre- and emerging readers from ages three to seven, YBB is filled with lots of colorful pictures, super-easy-to-read articles, and loads of fun activities that help kids understand and learn about the world around them. YBB is considered a "must have" for parents with kids that are fascinated with nature.

Wildlife for Wee Ones

Your Big Backyard is published by the National Wildlife Federation. The National Wildlife Federation also publishes Ranger Rick, a wildlife magazine dedicated to grade school readers. In addition to sparking creativity and curiosity, Your Big Backyard also helps teach kids how to read, and more importantly, to learn that reading is fun.

It is well known that magazines are as influential in teaching reading and encouraging a lifelong desire to learn as actual books. Reading for fun promotes literacy, and raises educational and personal potential. It is never too soon to awaken in a child a love of learning.

Your Big Backyard has won numerous awards from both parents and educators organizations. In addition to encouraging children to read, it also has activities which promote hands-on exploration of the world around them, starting quite literally in their own backyard. Many parents are amazed to discover that after just a few months, their pre-school children often know more about fish, birds and mammals than they themselves do. Getting Your Big Backyard is a genuine investment in your child's educational future, encouraging them to be curious about themselves, about reading, and the wonders of the natural world.

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