Art For Sale

Written by Sarah Provost
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Those of us who abhor bare walls are fortunate indeed to have art for sale on the Internet. This is especially true for those of us who love art but don't have Picasso-sized budgets. Not only is there an astounding selection of art for sale on the Net, but it is available for very reasonable prices.

For one thing, virtual gallery owners don't have to maintain a physical showroom, with all the overhead that would entail: staff, heating and cooling, even wine and cheese for openings! Keeping their overhead so low means they can pass on savings to us. It also helps them keep their prices down when they can sell in greater quantities, and the Web helps there as well.

The Internet Offers Art for Sale to a Wider Audience

The Net allows galleries to show their wares to a vast population, which is another reason why you will generally find better prices when shopping online. It used to be that if you didn't live near a large city, you had little if any chance to see and purchase art, and the galleries had limited access to their customers. Now anyone who has a computer and access to the Web can browse any gallery in the world.

Just surveying the art for sale on the Web can expose most of us to more kinds and styles of art than are usually available to us. We may learn that we really love Mannerism, for instance, even though previously we only liked the Impressionists. Wider exposure to art means deeper appreciation, which is another blessing of the Internet.

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