Canvas Art

Written by Sarah Provost
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The term canvas art can refer to either original paintings or reproductions. It simply means that the medium, whether oil, tempera, acrylic or any other, is applied directly to canvas, not silkscreened or printed. Though a bit more expensive than prints, canvas art is well worth the investment.

When you buy art for your home or office, you should invest in the best quality you can afford. While prints, silkscreens and other graphics do a lot to brighten up a room, they can't match the richness of canvas art. The surface of actual brushstrokes gives a painting depth and texture that just can't be adequately represented any other way.

This is especially important, I've found, when the appeal of the painting under consideration relies largely on the quality of light depicted. No matter how fine the quality of a print, it simply can't glow the way an oil painting can. Nor can a print adequately reproduce the dimensionality of an oil painting, even a reproduction.

Buying Canvas Art Online

Of course, the very best way to buy art is to see it directly, but the advantages of online shopping for art vastly outweigh the disadvantages. The sheer number of choices you can find online is astonishing, far more than almost any of us could possibly see in galleries or museums. Paintings also display well on your computer monitor, so you can have a good sense of what it will actually look like. Take some time to browse the world's art online, and you are sure to find something you love.

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