Contemporary Art

Written by Sarah Provost
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Contemporary art offers a wide and exciting range of choices. From the mysterious energy of abstraction to the jewel tones of contemporary landscapes, from the purity of color field paintings to the elegance of modern portraiture, contemporary art offers something for everyone. Take some time to browse among the online galleries to see what is being offered, and you'll be delighted at the variety you'll find.

Whether an original work or a reproduction, a good piece of contemporary art will add immeasurably to the warmth and interest of a room or office. Vibrant colors and vigorous forms are the hallmarks of today's art. And don't assume that all contemporary art is abstract.

Contemporary Art in Traditional Genres

If you prefer a more traditional genre such as scenic art, you can still find contemporary artists who are doing landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses and country cottages. But chances are that they will be more textural than older versions, with more emphasis on color and brightness. There are also those doing extremely dramatic and emotional work in this genre.

Portraiture, too, can take on a contemporary edge. Since the time of Manet, Van Gogh and Picasso, portraiture has relied less on absolute representation and more on interpretation of the subject. Again, texture and color come to the fore, adding something to the existing canon and taking nothing away. Whatever your preferences in genre, you can find a piece of contemporary art that will crystallize for you a new way of seeing.

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