Custom Tapestry

Written by Patty Yu
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When choosing decorative art to hang on your home's bare walls, there are many choices including a custom tapestry, mural painting, or framed artwork. Wallpaper is also a common way people add some depth and color to the walls. Some of these options may be more appealing than others depending on your budget and personal taste.

With any custom decorative art, the possibilities are truly endless, especially if you are working with a talented artist. If you have some ideas, the artist could help with the conceptualization, offering insight into making an aesthetically appealing piece. Sometimes, with mural painting, your family can make a do-it-yourself project that brings everyone together to create a meaningful wall mural.

Custom Tapestry Origins

For centuries, cultures have created original hand-woven custom tapestry art for various uses, both decorative and practical. In Incan and Egyptian culture, people buried their dead in woven tapestry clothing. Greek Empire buildings hung tapestries on the walls, and in the Middle Ages, tapestries became a status of wealth and prestige.

During the 13th and 14th centuries, the churches used custom tapestry art illustrating Bible stories to teach illiterate congregations. Tapestries also provided practical usage, covering windows and doorways, insulating castle walls, and offering privacy around beds. Many custom tapestry artists passed down skills from father to son, creating beautiful woven art together, sometimes taking about two months to weave one square foot!

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