Custom Wall Murals

Written by Patty Yu
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Have you ever considered painting custom wall murals as a way to enhance the appearance of a room? Mural painting has been used for ages as decorative wall art, both indoors and outdoors. Both in residential and commercial space, a mural can make a small space appear twice as large, create a distinct mood or atmosphere, and offer special significance in relation to its space.

Many consider cave paintings the first examples of art murals. These ancient paintings often depicted daily activities, religious rituals, and animals. Some cave murals seemed to educate the people on how to hunt, while others seemed to be the ancient people's way to document history. Modern murals also depict images that can be educational, historical, and even political.

Custom Wall Murals for Residential and Commercial Use

In the home, many wish to have rooms that hold a special meaning, making custom wall murals an excellent option. Parents often have decorative murals painted in the nursery or kid's room, like a scene from the zoo, the circus, or creating a sky on the ceiling. For children, these images can be educational as the child learns about animal names, or offer an imaginative setting during playtime.

Custom wall murals are also a great way to enhance any business setting, particularly retail business space. Many retailers like to create a theme in their store, restaurant, or salon, hiring muralists to paint a jungle, a cultural motif, or an underwater theme. Unique imagery makes a space memorable to customers, which can draw them back again and again. The options are endless, since the mural painting is customized specifically for the site.

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