Custom Wallpaper

Written by Patty Yu
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When choosing personalized art decor for your home, many options are available including custom wallpaper, a custom tapestry, or custom murals. In some cases the cost is dramatically higher, such as using custom wallpaper rather than finding an existing wallpaper pattern. However, those with fine tastes and creative decorating skills find custom fitting the only way to create desired effects.

With a customized designer wall covering, some choose an artist to help bring specific ideas to life. The artist takes your ideas and helps conceptualize in detail how the finished piece will look. Others enjoy offering the artist some insight into their personalities and taste, but offer full creative freedom for the artist to create whatever they think works best for the party.

Custom Wallpaper, Murals, and Tapestries

Ultimately, with personalized art, the options are endless! Those who want the durability of wallpaper can have custom wallpaper designed with special patterns or imagery. Compared to paintings, custom wallpaper is much easier to clean with certain finishes. Tapestries can also be custom made to fit a specific wall space and depict any kind of image you would like.

Mural painting is also a creative and unique decorative art that can create an illusion of greater space. Trompe Loeil technique, which means, "to fool the eye," is commonly used in decorative murals to paint images on walls and ceilings that look like you could walk through them into the scene! Art murals are also very fun and stimulating for children's rooms, with images of animals, the ocean, or other scenes that can be educational as well.

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