Decorative Finish

Written by Patty Yu
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Applying some sort of decorative finish to the walls in your home is a great way to liven up the room, create some depth, and personalize your space. The options are truly endless, but some popular methods include wallpaper, painting textures or patterns, and even mural painting on the walls or ceiling. Some options work better depending on how much you wish to spend, and how much time you have.

A Few Decorative Finish Options

Wallpaper is a common and inexpensive way to add color, to a room. You can often find wallpaper of different textures, colors, patterns, and finish to create any kind of decorative finish you want. Most wallpaper is now made with very durable, easy to clean materials and in some cases, you can even design custom wallpaper through companies that offer such services.

Painting is also an excellent and easy way to provide decorative art in your home or any type of space. Many people who want solid colors painted on the walls choose paint rather than wallpaper for the easy and straightforward application. For those who do want a pattern, stencils and sponge painting is a fun way to add some life to the room--plus, you can personalize the pattern however you wish!

Another more elaborate type of decorative finish uses imagery on the walls, also known as mural painting. Decorative murals can create a theme, mood, and atmosphere that other types of wall coverings cannot. Murals are usually chosen specifically for that space, creating a very personal and special relationship to that room. Many parents like to have detailed images of animals, the circus, or sky imagery painted in children's rooms for a more lively play area.

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