Decorative Interior Wall Painting

Written by Patty Yu
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Many people choose decorative interior wall painting in all types of architectural space for residential and commercial purpose. Especially when trying to make a small room appear larger, painting some sort of scene on the wall or ceiling creates an illusion of more depth. A painted sky on the ceiling draws the space upward into the image, and can double the appearance of that room.

Mural painting is also a great way to create mood and atmosphere, which is commonly used in commercial space. Retail stores, restaurants, salons, and other businesses can use decorative interior wall painting to create unique and themed imagery. These custom murals can enhance a business greatly, becoming a memorable aspect of the space to clients.

Decorative interior wall painting is also frequently found in schools, nurseries, and libraries where children spend time playing or reading. Parents sometimes hire muralists to paint images of animals, parks, or underwater sea life in their children's room or play area. The colorful imagery can be enriching and educational for children, encouraging a vivid imagination during play time.

Earliest Evidence of Decorative Interior Wall Painting

Cave paintings could be considered the first art murals, dating back some 30,000 years. These early cave mural paintings may have been decorative, but some appear to be instructional, while others seem to document history. Uncovering ancient murals offered much insight into ancient cultures, rituals, and daily lifestyles that otherwise would have remained unknown.

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