Written by Patty Yu
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When working with a talented muralist, creative and unique decorative art is possible for any architectural space. Mural painting is quite common inside churches, museums, libraries, civic buildings, and also outdoor walls of various public locations. Unlimited subject possibilities give muralists an open creative voice to depict religious scenes, make historical references, paint nature scenes, and many mural artists make political and social statements.

Businesses frequently hire mural painters to develop a distinct mood or atmosphere throughout a commercial space. This can be very effective for stores and restaurants to stand out against competitors creating a memorable environment that draws more business. The mural painting also helps make small, narrow rooms appear much more spacious.

Conceptualizing with the Muralist

You might already know exactly what you want your custom mural to depict before working with a muralist. Communicating these ideas with a professional muralist can generate even more insight into developing the aesthetic value. Many people prefer to give muralists complete creative freedom so they can fully conceptualize the imagery in relation to the chosen space.

Ultimately, the options are endless when creating any kind of decorative murals. With the Trompe Loeil technique, mural painters can create three-dimensional illusions that a ceiling opens to the sky! Vivid, imaginative mural art works great in a nursery or children's room, especially bright, colorful mages of animals in a zoo, or sea creatures in the ocean. The result is stimulating and educational imagery that encourages learning.

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