Personalized Art

Written by Patty Yu
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When decorating a home, office, or any architectural space, using personalized art may offer more individual and special meaning than other forms of decorative art. Many artists enjoy working with people, sharing ideas, interests, and tastes to create a unique piece of personalized art specifically for you. These could be a custom tapestry, decorative wall murals, or some other designer wall covering.

Personalized Art Murals

Mural painting is usually conceptualized in relation to the original site, which makes it an environmental artifact of that space. For many, murals express ideas and statements that can be religious, political, social, cultural, or historical. Throughout history, murals have appeared in churches, tombs, temples, libraries, museums, public buildings, and some consider cave paintings the first murals.

For decorative purposes, art murals can establish a mood or setting with a three-dimensional illusion painted on each wall. Commercial space often uses personalized art mural paintings to set a distinct theme in a store or restaurant. With the help of a talented mural artist, a business can greatly enhance the visual appeal in that space and become more memorable for customers.

In homes, hand painted murals can create a dramatic foyer entrance by painting an opening to the sky on the ceiling! Kid's rooms are ideal for a fun, creative mural that depicts a nature scene, zoo, circus, or underwater sea creatures. These bright, colorful images create are a great teaching tool, and provide a stimulating environment for growing children that encourages a vivid imagination.

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