Residential Murals

Written by Patty Yu
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When thinking about murals, the first ones that come to mind are outdoor murals found on various buildings, although residential murals are becoming more and more popular. Mural painting has been around for at least 30,000 years, the earliest ones found inside caves, followed by murals found in tombs. Many of these ancient art murals offered great insight into ancient history, culture, and religion.

Throughout history, murals appeared on many other types of indoor and outdoor architectural space. Many were painted on interior and exterior walls of churches, museums, libraries, many public buildings, and even freeways. These murals offered the artist chances to express social or political ideas, and gave voice to cultures as a way to record history.

Commercial and Residential Murals

Mural painting is also a creative way for a business to liven up commercial space. This type of decorative interior painting can make rooms appear larger, create a distinct mood, or establish a fun theme. For retailers, custom murals can make the commercial space unique and memorable, which is a fine way to attract repeat customers and stand out against competitors.

Inside the home, residential murals can also hold special meaning. Not only can the mural make a small bedroom appear twice as large, but the imagery can be anything you wish it to be, such as the sky with clouds, stars, sun, and moon, or an underwater motif with sea creatures. The endless options and possibilities for vivid imagery make residential murals very popular when kids are in the picture, creating a stimulating play environment that can be very educational.

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