35mm Slide Scanning

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Do you have boxes of old slides in your garage or attic? Consider this: those precious slides, of your childhood, your ancestors, your past vacations and holidays, are in danger of corruption, or even destruction. Even if flood, fire, or freezing cold don't ruin your slides, the passage of time itself will strip them of quality, year after year.

Save Your Slides: 35mm Slide Scanning

35mm slide scanning will safe keep your slides, by capturing them in a digital format. But 35mm slide scanning offers many benefits beyond mere preservation. A 35mm slide scanner will give you all the benefits of going digital.

The Benefits of 35mm Slide Scanning

35mm slide scanning will allow you to do a lot of great things you could never do with a plain old slide. You'll be able to manipulate the image, with programs such as Photoshop. This will allow you to correct any marks or errors which may have occurred during storage, and will even allow you to crop the image however you see fit, without permanently effecting the original image.

Going digital will also allow you to share your old slides again, via the internet. Wouldn't your brothers, sisters or kids love to see old photos of themselves they thought had been lost forever? Whether you choose to use a traditional scanner, or to try the new breed of converters, such as Slide-to-Photo, going digital will give your old slides new life!

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