Acting Resources

Written by Rylee Newton
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No matter if you're new to town, or you've been in Los Angeles for the last 20 years, every working actor needs acting resources. These resources provide contact information for everything from personal trainers, to acting coaches, headshot photographers, acting classes, stylists, dialect coaches, and even spiritual advisors. It may sound like a cliche, but an actor needs to be a complete person on and off the screen. If you're not, it shows in your work.

One of the best acting resources around is trade publications. There are a number of magazines such as "The Hollywood Reporter," "Variety," and "Backstage West" that list everything from open calls to homes and apartments to sublet for pilot season. These publications not only provide you with needed information, but they also provide you with insight into the latest trends in headshot photography and just about everything else related to the business side of the industry.

Acting Resources: Your Peers

When it comes to acting resources you simply can't beat the advice you gain from friends, peers, and personal management teams. This type of personal contact information is better than anything you will read about in one of the trade publications. People can relate their personal experiences to you to help you make an informed decision for yourself. For instance, if you're looking for a new acting coach, you can consult with fellow actors to find out what has worked for them. In most cases you can audit these classes to see if they're right for you.

One of the most important things your peers and friends can advise you about is the business side of the industry. Even if you've had years of experience in the theater, or you were a shining star in your college or high school productions, you still have a lot to learn. Your friends and peers can teach you the best way to market yourself through promotional fliers, headshots, and other business marketing tools.

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