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Alaska Royalty Free Image

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Choosing a Size for an Alaska Royalty Free Image

An Alaska royalty free image may come in varying file sizes. If you don't have a lot of experience in purchasing stock images hopefully this page will help you make the right choices. Selecting the cheapest image option isn't always the right road to take.

If you are using this image on your website, the smallest size will likely work. Web graphics don't require high resolution in order to look crisp and clear. A safe guideline for stock image purchasing is the smallest size is appropriate for anything to be viewed on screen.

Guidelines for Printed Projects

If you are searching for an Alaska royalty free image for a billboard or a trade show exhibit sign, the smallest file size won't suffice. You'll soon find out when the image is blown up that it becomes distorted and pixilated. You won't be able to make out the small details that make the photograph so arresting.

In this case, for large scale printed material, always go for the largest file available. Some files are even sold up to 30MB in size. While this seems extremely large it is necessary for particular projects.

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