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Animal Stock Photography

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Promoting a Business

Animal stock photography can help jumpstart the adoption program you are opening with neighborhood animal lovers. With so many stray and abandoned dogs in the surrounding towns, finding homes is difficult at best. You've attempted to post text ads in the local paper, but have come up empty-handed.

Why do you think the newspaper ads weren't effective? In many people, only visual images draw emotion. The words "Home for dog wanted" won't necessarily have the same effects as posting pictures of owner-less dogs.

Effective Animal Stock Photography

Now imagine flipping through the paper and seeing animal stock photography of a dog left out in the rain. With no shelter, food or warmth, the average person begins to feel the pain of the dog. This is what eventually inspires someone to adopt a homeless pet.

If you don't have images of the dogs you are looking to have adopted, try generic stock photos. By associating an image with your ad, you'll soon notice an increase in the amount of adoptive families out there. It doesn't cost much, and the results will be worth your while.

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