Annual Report Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Annual report photography may not sound like the most romantic of all the photographic arts, but when done well, it is an impressive part of a business package and an art form in and of itself. The photography in question may be of locations, people, or products. Regardless of the subject, the quality of the images and their layout within the context of a report says a lot about the caliber of your business.

Annual report photography can be a way to make a large company seem more personal. If you are sending a brochure to stock holders or employees for a large business, pictures of the people involved in major projects can allow readers to put faces to the names and feel more involved in what they're reading. You may also want to have professional photographs taken of employees who have won significant awards or made major contributions to a project throughout the course of the year.

Annual Report Photography for Small Businesses

For a small business, annual report photography may become part of reading material that can help the business expand. When applying for anything from loans to grants, or when attracting new employees, an attractive and well-presented booklet about your company can make a big difference. Professionalism is inextricably linked with a well-handled image, and an annual report can help establish the identity of your business in the community.

You don't want to trust your annual report photography to just any photographer with a camera. You should look around the Internet, where you will find that the best photographers have portfolios and post client feedback that will help you make your choice. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend, you should be able to find a commercial photographer who can take the best possible images for your business.

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