Architectural Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Architectural photography specializes in images of buildings. These can be impressive sprawling exteriors, featuring landscapes as well as architecture, interior shots, or photographs of particular details of buildings. In all cases, the quality of the photographer and the equipment used will make a significant difference in the quality of the images you receive if you are looking into professional architectural photography.

Architectural Photography in Real Estate

Architectural photos are likely to be used in the real estate business. Obviously if you are listing a property for rent or sale, having images of that property available in a print or an online format is essential to being able to represent the home or location in question. An experienced architectural photographer will not only be able to take the caliber of pictures that you want, but will also be able to make suggestions about what are the best angles and images to show to represent the property fairly and accurately, but also as beautifully as possible.

Other architectural photography has more of a fine art quality. Whether used decoratively or in advertising, photographs of beautiful buildings and architectural details capture our interest and imagination. A single swirl atop a Corinthian column can be lighted and photographed perfectly to make an entirely new work of art.

Architectural photography also has a place in informational brochures or annual reports for large businesses. Many students choose a college in which to invest their hopes for the future and their family's money based at first on the brochures they receive; a large part of the draw may be aesthetic. Finding the right photographer to take pictures of a building for you is made much simpler by the Internet, which you can use to view samples of a photographer's work, as well as find client feedback from other jobs they have undertaken.

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