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Bird Stock Photography

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Easy To Find Images

Bird stock photography is fairly common among stock image agencies. Depending on your needs, purchasing one image of a bird may not be enough. Consider buying a library on CD of dozens of bird-related images.

A full report on birds in New England requires dozens of photos. Without the appropriate bird-watching equipment obtaining these photos is difficult at best. A simpler way of getting clear images of each species is to explore bird stock photography.

Varying Species of Bird Stock Photography

Within these archives you can find pictures of canaries, humming birds, doves and cardinals. Still-life photos or action images can be purchased for a minimal investment. If you'd like to browse through collections of bird images, click on the link above.

All images noted "royalty-free" are accompanied by one flat price. How you choose to use that image after the purchase is entirely up to you. Any photos you find that are considered "rights-managed" require a detailed list of expected uses. This will generate the final price tag on the image.

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