Black And White Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Black and white photography just somehow conjures a sense of class, romance, nostalgia, and beauty. The clean, clear, precision of the brings out the best in any one or any place. From portraiture to fine art, black and white photography will always be used to capture timeless elegance.

How Black and White Photography Differs from Color

Black and white photography requires many different skills from color photography or portraiture. If you had seen the actors and actresses making an old black and white film, for example, you might be astounded to find out that they were wearing colors which you would not find attractive on them, or in combination at all. That is because in the absence of hue, the designers and photographers knew what intensities of tone would photograph well in black and white. This is not to say that if you have your photograph taken in black and white, you are going to be asked to wear green lipstick and an orange shirt; it is simply to emphasize that color in some ways simplifies and in other ways complicates photography, rendering black and white photography a significantly different medium from color.

Composition and dynamic perspective come much more into their own in black and white photography. The viewer is given the chance to appreciate patterns, textures, and contrasts in a way that many of us will never see on our own when inundated with all the sights and colors of the world around us. Black and white photography can also be the most attractive and forgiving for portraiture, as makeup and lighting can be used optimally to disguise flaws in complexion.

Whether you are looking for commercial photography for an advertising campaign (especially a newsprint ad that would be in black and white) or artistic photography for personal use, you should consider black and white photography. If you do, however, you should make sure that you are using a photographer skilled in this distinct medium. The Internet is an ideal way to check an artist's portfolio and view feedback from others who have used the services of the photographer you are considering.

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