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Christmas Stock Photo

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Be Creative

A Christmas stock photo could save you money. Each year after Thanksgiving you run to the store in search of the perfect Christmas card. With more than 50 friends and family on your card list, purchasing your annual card set winds up costing almost $100.

Though you've considered making your own holiday cards, the effort isn't worth the personalization. If there was a way you could easily print out dozens of customized cards that looked as professional as the ones in the store you would surely give it a try. With the use of stock photography your cards will look as professional as store-bought versions.

One Christmas Stock Photo

By inserting a Christmas stock photo, you can turn a Christmas card into a personalized message for each recipient. Choose from snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and more. Once you've selected the image you can customize your message on the computer and then print it out.

The total cost of this project is less than purchasing pre-packaged versions in department stores. One stock image and paper is all you will need. Your recipients will wonder where you found such creative and personal Christmas cards.

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