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Commercial Stock Photography

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Buying or Renting Images

Commercial stock photography consists of images that have been taken and are now sold, or in some cases rented, for commercial use. Why would someone want to buy or rent an image? For the most part these images are used for promotional purposes in graphic design.

At one time, stock photography could only be found and purchased through catalogs. Today, those same catalogs have migrated to the internet making searching and retrieving pictures that much easier. The search functionality in most of these sites does the work for you, eliminating a significant amount of time and effort.

Earn Money Through Commercial Stock Photography

Regardless of your industry, commercial stock photography could improve your revenue stream. Are you satisfied with the amount of customers you have? Could you use a little more income at the end of every month? Some minor marketing initiatives could help jumpstart your business. You can have all this for a small investment.

The prices of commercial stock photos can vary greatly. For as little as $30 you could purchase an image and use it in a magazine advertisement or billboard. This will attract the attention of new customers and hopefully improve your sales numbers.

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