Connecticut Portrait Photographers

Written by Tara Peris
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The best Connecticut portrait photographers are well versed in a variety of traditional and contemporary portrait styles. They have the experience to be versatile and creative, and to adapt to unique client needs. Moreover, they have the communication skills necessary to bring out the best in their subjects.

Professional portraits have come a long way since the day of stuffy, formally posed shots in which everyone looked either somber and morose or plastic and artificially happy. These days, portraits come in just about every style imaginable, and one can choose traditional, classic formats or candid, casual presentations. In addition to basic features like black and white, color, and sepia tone print options, there are countless artistic touches that can be applied to make photographs distinctive.

Portrait Style

Depending on the portrait, you may want romantic embellishment or touches that conjure old-world charm. If you're looking for a baby photographer or someone to capture the final months of pregnancy, you may wish for artistic flourishes or for composition that zeroes in on baby's fragile beginnings. Whatever the subject, the best way to learn about different photography styles is to spend some time looking at different portfolios.

In Connecticut, the best photographers have experience with multiple photographic styles. The key is to find someone who has the skills to get the best shot from her subjects. You want a photographer whose personality puts people at ease and whose creative vision zeroes in on the best shot for each individual.

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