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Written by Tara Peris
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In CT, photographers exist in abundance making it easy to find high quality services for both personal and professional events. The key is to think carefully about your vision of the final product and to let it guide your search for a photographer. There are no second chances when it comes to commemorating special events, and you owe it to yourself to make smart, informed choices from the start.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, there are countless ways to capture a special moment, and you can expect your results to vary depending on the photographer you choose. You want someone who shares your vision for the event at hand and someone who possesses the skills to do it justice.

High Quality Photography

Good photographers meld artistic vision with technical precision to capture the distinctive elements of each subject and event. It's not just a matter of pointing and shooting aimlessly, although if you choose the wrong photographer, this is inevitably what you will get. Rather, it is a matter of evaluating each situation with a critical eye and then executing specific shots with flawless interpersonal poise and camera timing.

Needless to say, a lot of this depends on experience. From bar mitzvahs and weddings to family portraits and professional headshots, each assignment requires a distinct set of skills, and a versatile photographer can adapt to the demands of every new situation. Moreover, he or she can address the unique needs and wishes of each individual client.

Central to this task is knowledge not only of basic photography, but of interpersonal dynamics as well. You need someone who can draw out subjects and capture them at their best. In addition, you want a photographer who can work unobtrusively without disrupting intimate moments and exchanges.

Making a Choice

Technical skill, interpersonal savvy, and artistic vision form the foundation of good photography. However, to the extent possible, it's also important to hire a photographer who's familiar with the area in which your event takes place. It's not just a matter of appreciating the awe-inspiring beauty of a Connecticut fall or the lush, colorful burst that comes with the first signs of spring. Rather, it's a matter of understanding the geography of the region and how it impacts both the aesthetic and practical aspects of a shoot.

When you choose CT photographers, it also helps to consider their familiarity with your specific area and event site. From Greenwich to Hartford, it helps if they have sufficient experience working in the major venues. This allows them to work efficiently and to approach the assignment with a sense of which shots work best.

Clearly financial considerations will play a role in helping you to choose a photographer. However, no matter what your budget, they should be secondary to finding someone with the experience and skill to capture your special moment just as you envision it. In CT, photographers are plentiful and a careful search should provide you with numerous affordable and high quality options from which to choose.

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